Welcome to the APT Foundation for Sexual Health

We are promoting a better sexual life for good health

About The Foundation

The APT Foundation is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ghana dedicated to promoting good sexual health by educating individuals, couples and organizations on sex and sexual health as well as offering diverse treatment options pertaining to sexual health and sexual related issues.


Our Core Values

We treat each individual with dignity and respect

Our services are accessible to all and without judgement

All our clients have a right to confidentiality except where there is risk of harm to the person or others or where there is a child protection concern

We are committed to continuous improvement and excellence

We work with others to achieve our goals

We collaborate with others to achieve our goals

We put integrity at core of all our operations

We empower people with accurate knowledge about their sexual health to promote good health

Our Services

These are some of our services.


Marital Counseling


Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling


HIV testing and Support Service


Post Termination Medical Services


Career Progression in Sexual Health


Adolescent Sexual Health Development


Public Lecture on Sexual Education


Erectile Dysfunction
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